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General advice
Using underscores: if a command requires both a username and a message, use underscores rather than spaces. Otherwise, spaces should be used.

Command Description Authorisation
!commands Shows all the commands available All
!source Puts a link to the bot's original source All
!ignore (username) Makes the bot ignore all commands issued by (username) Moderator
!unignore (username) Makes the bot accept all commands issued by (username) Moderator
!plugins Shows all the plugins currently loaded Moderator
!quit Makes the bot leave chat Administrator
!ping Makes the bot reply "Pong!" Operator
Command Description Authorisation
!yton Enables Youtube information Moderator
!ytoff Disables Youtube information Moderator
Command Description Authorisation
!kick (username) Kicks (username) from chat Minimod
!givemm (username) Grants (username) minimod abilities Administrator
!revokemm (username) Revokes the minimod abilities of (username) Administrator
Command Description Authorisation
!msg (username) (message) Sends a (message) to (username) (note: if the username contains spaces, use underscores instead) All
!delivered (username) Check if your message to (username) has been seen yet All
!delete (username) Delete the message you sent to (username), as long as they haven't already read it All
!purge (sender) (target) Deletes the pending username sent by (sender) to (target) Administrator
Command Description Authorisation
!seen (username) Makes the bot tell you the last time (username) joined chat All
!seenon Allows !seen to be used Moderator
!seenoff Restricts the use of !seen Moderator
Command Description Authorisation
!sentinelon Activates the sentinel function Administrator
!sentineloff Deativates the sentinel function Administrator
Command Description Authorisation
!status (username) Outputs the last time (username) edited the wiki, and whether they are blocked All
!linkme (target) Provides a link to pages on the wiki - valid options are: edits (links Special:Editcount); userrights (links Special:Userrights); blocklist (links Special:BlockList); banlist (links Special:BanList) All
Command Description Authorisation
!logs Provides a link to this site All
!yes While an active vote is running, allows a user to vote "yes" All
!neutral While an active vote is running, allows a user to vote "neutral" All
!no While an active vote is running, allows a user to vote "no" All
!startvote (votetitle) Creates a vote with the question "(votetitle)" Moderator
!endvote Ends the active vote, and gives the results Moderator
!ban (username) (days) Bans (username) with a duration of (days) Moderator
!pardon (username) Unbans (username) from chat (sets ban length to 0, allowing them to rejoin) Moderator
Command Description Authorisation
!warn (username) (reason) Issues (username) a warning for (reason) Moderator
!removewarn (username) (warn_id) Removes the warning for (username) with the id (warn_id) Moderator
!warnings (username) Allows a user to check their own warnings, and a moderator to check other users' warnings Variable
!autokick enable Enables autokick - users will automatically be kicked when they pass the warning threshold Administrator
!autokick disable Disables autokick Administrator